Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans is perhaps the fastest growing online multiplayer game which has attracted millions of customers on the iOS and Android gaming platforms. It was first launched on 2nd August 2012 on the Apple store and later on 7th October 2013 on all android platforms due to its high popularity among the gamers. In these games, users are required to build their own warbase and create their own troops and resources to attack other online players and their base to earn gold and elixir which can be used to build defences that protect the user from other peoples attack. It has to be played in a clan i.e. groups attacking other groups. Each group can have at least 10-20 members. Aside from gold and elixir, the game also uses gems as currency to buy game materials like defences, dragons, building troops etc. The game also has a feature where users can buy gems by real world money through the in app purchases. Using gems can boost the building time to two hours and troops can be made stronger using a sum of 20 to 30 gem points.
Clash of Clans has also invested in marketing their game via advertisements including Hollywood heroes like Liam Neeson and other popular celebrities. In February 2015, Liam Neeson’s Clash of Clans commercial reported the 5th most watched advertisement reported by Business Insider. The game was awarded by various game board as the most popular by Metacritic who gave Clash of Clans 74 out of 100, 80% by Game Rankings, Gamezebos gave a 4.5 rating out of 5.00 to Clash of Clans, Pocket Gamer gave 9.00 out 10 and awarded gold medal to Clash of Clans. And many other achievements Clash of Clans obtained.
It is a very interesting strategy game, which builds up users interest and it is highly enjoyable as spoken by the gamers themselves. By April 2013 the game publisher Supercell reported that their daily online users active were 8.5 million worldwide and their daily revenue was around $2.5 million. Forbes predicted revenue of $800 million and $1 billion by the end of 2013. Clash of Clans was the third highest game in revenue generated on the App Store and number 1 on Google Play in 2013.
Super cell also hosted live event ClashCon at a convention centre in Finland where users played live clan wars and received prizes on October 2015. The events has sold a lot of tickets and made good revenue and popularity.

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